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6 Users Responsed To " Actors of movie – past and present "

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SteveintheUK said,

8-28-2007 in 17:11:49 at    

Great site and really interesting post. Its weird to see how some celebs looks haven’t really changed in years, just one thing, “Kaily Minoug” is “Kylie Minogue”


DJ said,

9-3-2007 in 16:23:37 at    

Is it just me or has just about everyone had a nose job?


JayJay said,

1-5-2008 in 03:48:40 at    

No, they all look like they have natural noses to me. Although Pierce’s mustache looks fake. He looks like a 70’s porn star in the old pic. hahahaha


lovenic said,

3-15-2008 in 09:01:59 at    

WOW, they’ve all done nose jobs and i agreee with DJ.
i mean look at them, especially kylie and nicole, two of the most beautiful astraliean beauties. i am a big fan of both of them and i really wanted to see their old pics. great chages. i always admired nicole kidmans nose and couldnt decied did she or did she not have a nose job. anyways i still love it. wanna do just like hers.
this is a great site, love it. it soooooo much
fun to see all of the celebs in the past 🙂


sparkleit said,

12-18-2010 in 14:18:44 at    

Wow, really interestin .. 🙂
I’d add about Enrique, as he gets older, he gets even sexier


inluvwidEI said,

4-3-2011 in 03:12:59 at    

enrique does look cute in both the past and hell the present!!

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