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139 Users Responsed To " The Chinese fully ignore copyrights "

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dog puhs said,

1-12-2008 in 13:02:09 at    

Americans are known thieves for centuries, they had stolen from Asia and now they are paying back


hermiessaid said,

1-15-2008 in 16:10:42 at    

hermies said,
8-16-2007 in 08:17:32 at

Dudes, stop talking shit. Go learn something about the car industry!
These “evil clones” as u call them are nothing more than liscened reproductions. Old equiptment is sold off to generate revenue, The last one on the page is clearly not a copy other than a similar badge. But all the rest are not cheap knockoffs. They are made by different companies using almost exactly the same manufacturing equiptment, and sometimes in the same factory. This would only be illegal if they were actually being badged them as mercedes and toyota’s etc. This headline is incredibly defamatory and is totally innacurate. CAW should be ashamed.


Unknown said,

1-15-2008 in 23:19:02 at    

First of all, I would like to say that I have read most of these comments, and agree with different point of views. I was born in *America* Whatever that means.. considering South, Central and North Americans all have the right to call themselves just that, Americans. I can clearly see and understand why China is using similar designs to their Westerns Neighbors, Chinese citizens crave Western goods, and whether we admit it or not, We crave CHEAP goods.. far as I can see it’s a tradeoff. Lastly, I respect and admire all the cultures of this world we all inhabit, Please dont associate all of us living in the Americas with the ignorance of a few people, I don’t judge or charazterize your nations, I ask that you dont label all AMERICANS as Ignorant, oil hungry Barbarians 🙂


dog push said,

1-22-2008 in 13:10:09 at    

sorry “unknown” I should have used USA, but for this (I ask that you don’t label all AMERICANS as Ignorant, oil hungry Barbarians) I don’t see any proof not to say that they are barbarians pls help me by protesting to what ur gov is doing to Iraq, Cuba, Iran, china, …… n whole world


Fernando said,

1-22-2008 in 15:37:07 at    

Both Vauxhall and Holden are owned by General Motors. The logo on this car looks like a Vauxhall, but it is the same, GM sells the same products under different brands for different markets. What in UK is sold under Vauxhall, is sold in the rest of Europe under Opel, Holden in Australia and Chevrolet in America.


Shy said,

1-30-2008 in 02:12:12 at    

Firstly I want to point out to those that think all Chinese are evil and too those thing American is ignorant, they are not!

I just want to say that no matter how it goes in the world, we are in the century of globalization! Also, if everyone is blaming the Chinese Communist Part as evil, I can simply imply that Democracy is evil too. What is the point of arguing? There is no right or wrong answers to these statement!


Alex said,

2-25-2008 in 14:52:20 at    

You all are gay fagets who like to talk about this stuff i just happen to be a stdent who is bored and went online and found pictures of old starwars charecters. And here you guys are talking about chinees cars like it is a political tole. LATER FAGS.


Joe said,

2-26-2008 in 09:18:55 at    

You guys both are gay in the sense that you both have asian art as your dp, if you guys were actualy american and not some asian shrink dinks then you guys would have normal pictures beside your names.


Mr XiaoMin said,

3-15-2008 in 01:49:44 at    

Chinanes are known thieves for centuries, they had stolen from Asia and now they are paying back


Miguel said,

4-13-2008 in 15:41:29 at    

Well It might seen odd but what about Harley-Davidson and a Chiniese imitation well I heard that people never had a problem with a Chinese imitation of a Harley compare to people that do have problems with a real Harley what about the Ford Mustang do Geely make a great imitation of a Ford Mustang, well I do give a shit about Chinese imitations even in cars and motorcycles it is time to defend the American industry the best solution is to do with China is what the US did to Cuba embago.


HemiPower said,

5-6-2008 in 04:36:24 at    

The Chinese have the ability to produce the best in the world just as we other countries.
What happens when we ask the Chinese to manufacture something at a cheaper price is this; Produce 10,000 childrens toys of one design, ie a toy car of the latest Mercedes SLK. Now they cannot make more than 10,000 items but by ignoring the quality control originaly set up, they can then introduce cheaper materials with complete disregard to the consequenses. Thus increasing the companies and shareholders profits.
China listen ! you have not lost face you have thrown it away, hopefully you will kill the golden goose, cook it and eat it then hopefully go back to being the third world economy you so deserve.
Unfortunately people will continue to buy your inferior products simply because they are cheap.
Thry making something with more than one part that is A,value for money,B, lasts more than the warrenty and people can proudly say “Made in China”


isuzu rodeo said,

5-18-2008 in 17:17:10 at    

the vauxhall/opel frontera and the landwind are totally different they just look the same cuz i have a 2001 isuzu rodeo (american version of vauxhall/opel frontera) and i was in a crash at 55 mph and it didnt get destroyed like the landwind so at least they only steal the look.


Empresa Nevados del Sur SAC said,

5-23-2008 in 16:23:21 at    

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*so you all know that I am GOD said,

5-28-2008 in 03:20:58 at    

As such it is better for the chinese cars to be introduced into the international market as they will be very much affordable


Nevados del sur SAC said,

6-3-2008 in 18:20:45 at    

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bhum said,

7-17-2008 in 10:12:34 at    

China is doing a great deal for the common man who cant boast of the littlest luxury of owing western products. Western countries should stop the hypocrisies and and consider the common laborer whose toil and hardwork provide the elite with their luxuries. At least Chinese product feeds and cloth the poor and gives him a little pride as a human. Allow their product to give the poor man i little dignity of life. Should you think otherwise advise the overly greedy companies to have the impoverished in mind something obviously they cannot do for profit must be maximized. Who run to the third world countries for cheaper labor and sell their toils back to them at astronomically prices.


musico said,

7-22-2008 in 10:23:47 at    

I just have to say I’m not american,european or chinese. I’m looking at this as an emerging economy fenomena. Chinese are not new to this concepts(cars) but are new to exporting theese in a masive way to western countries. I beleve they are doing their best using desing concepts that are been generaly acepted by western countries. I will call this a low risk desicion, were they are designing cars that apeals to acepted western concepts. These are not copyrigth isues because they are not exactly the same. I will say that these chinese models are inspired on western car models. Due to globalization, the western world has been importing goods to China. Chinese are producing now what the western have show them for decades. Still, there is a huge challenge for China, and that is to compete with western world quality and satisfaction standards,that are not that good ether, but the western cutomer will not acept anything below theire satisfaction stadards.


Dallasdeckard said,

9-7-2008 in 08:35:21 at    

Trinity wrote:

“What happened when Microsoft outright COPIED the Mac GUI? Or when the guys from Apple copied it from the researchers at Xerox PARC?”

WHOA! Way different, my friend! Parc was *experimental* and when Jobs asked permission from Xerox to look at Parc (and paid for the privilege), there was an understanding that he would use what he saw to create a new computer system. Xerox NEVER sued Apple for what they did, in fact they were rather proud that Jobs utilized their vision.

Microsoft is a WHOLE other issue! John Sculley gave Jobs permission to copy *some* elements of the Mac OS, in exchange for him continuing to develop Word for the Mac, in other words Jobs blackmailed Sculley to get him to do that. However, Jobs took that agreement and basically used it to *completely* copy the Mac OS. Before that, Windows didn’t have overlapping windows and stuff like that. Apple sued Microsoft and won some minor concessions, but the genie was out of the bottle and that was that.

But you *cannot* compare what Microsoft did to Apple to the agreement that Jobs and Xerox had, which was *entirely* okay with Xerox. Also, if you look at the first Lisa (and the first Mac) things are VERY different. But, that doesn’t matter anyway because, as I said, Xerox gave Apple PERMISSION to use what they say, and Apple PAID for that right. It was a fair and agreed upon arrangement. Totally different from the THEFT of intellectual property that occurred between Microsoft and Apple.


sudhaman said,

12-4-2008 in 13:47:57 at    

those bastards making lot of GDP with american technology


Bobity said,

12-11-2008 in 03:07:39 at    

the nissan xtrail lookalike is actually a ford explorer one


Contra said,

4-3-2009 in 13:37:19 at    

The Chinese government, managed by the communist party in China had become one of the worst forms of government in the history of the world… They in complicity with big companies exploit their workers. and away from the fundamentals of communism they have allow the rise of a new rich and powerful class in china. They don’t respect nature, they don’t respect animals and as Gandhi said “the level of a society can be seen in how animals are treated.”. “many dogs have died slow, agonizing deaths in these mass slaughters, which illustrate the nation’s lack of adequate animal control plans.”(… they have no moral or ethics at money-making-time and they are stealing designs from cars to coach purses, and even a zippo lighter STOP CHINA NOW!!! cheap is never better


skyline said,

4-23-2009 in 17:00:14 at    

I think Chinese copying these designs is okay. But just the fact that way they do it just mocks those who originally put so much care and effort in designing those cars. As much as its about the laws, its about courtesy. So please be courteous to those who spend so much time designing them. Thanks.


the-neta said,

6-2-2009 in 07:30:23 at    

The Chinese are the kings of piracy on everything but they do not like them steal your ideas, I think that since the traveler Marco Polo pirating is common for them but did not steal ideas to them that you demand


ridwanzero said,

12-29-2009 in 07:17:34 at    

Everyone has their favorite way of using the internet. Many of us search to find what we want, click in to a specific website, read what’s available and click out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s efficient. We learn to tune out things we don’t need and go straight for what’s essential……


Anonymous said,

3-7-2010 in 14:27:07 at    

How can I buy a China Mainland made car with the following features:


paganifan921 said,

4-12-2011 in 17:10:59 at    

Why copy every single other car brand? Is it because whoever’s doing the copying have no good ideas of their own?


aliraad said,

9-10-2011 in 05:11:30 at    

I hate thath people who live in america and said we hate amiracans and live in democratic air and us it for seying nonssens to democratic peaople
look out that chineees company use peaple that work for $1. for a day and they dont pey for designing of this world most beuty cars and using revers engineering.
this is not contery growing up this is not since.
we are not talk about a bilion of chines people just a chines Government and who make “(persian)Iranian kashan carpet copy” make change “BMW to BYD”.we can stop it with dont buy this trashes

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