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29 Users Responsed To " “Star Wars” – yesterday and today "

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ben said,

8-18-2007 in 12:32:31 at    

preetyy cool man


caca said,

8-19-2007 in 02:55:34 at    

damn men they look like crap now


milander said,

8-21-2007 in 08:09:08 at    

Poor old Mark Hamill hasn’t aged well… poor guy.


Teener said,

8-21-2007 in 17:25:52 at    

Mark Hamill?? Look at Obi-Wan! NOOO


Kalira said,

8-26-2007 in 15:21:23 at    

Yeah, Hamill has my sympathies with that photo. But look at Obi-Wan? What do you mean? The guy looks pretty good for someone who’s been /dead/ for almost ten years. *coughs*


chaundon said,

8-30-2007 in 10:43:44 at    

Mark Hamill is starting to look like the emporer


vichor said,

9-6-2007 in 10:06:13 at    

Hell!! Chewbacca is nicer than Peter Maphey!!!!


epeefencer said,

9-6-2007 in 10:33:59 at    

Mark Hamil was in a car accident and he suffered scarring to his face, that’s one of the reasons for him looking older and different. It caused him to stop acting in pictures. So cut him so slack. As to the robot’s showing the actors doesn’t prove a thing they could be better, worse or photoshopped, and besides who gives a damn, it’s the robots that we remember.


David Mackey said,

9-9-2007 in 00:24:05 at    

Wow. Amazing how they’ve changed.


Ben said,

9-24-2007 in 06:00:37 at    

That’s a great idea! Alec Guinness isn’t exactly from today, what with being dead and all…

Interesting to see though, nice one!


kamashi-tohru said,

1-26-2008 in 00:09:09 at    

i personally think luke skywalker is adorable–that was probably completely random…:)


Alex said,

2-25-2008 in 14:43:48 at    

I think Han Solo still looks like him in the movie


josias said,

3-15-2008 in 03:55:30 at    

lando as not shange a lot

but lucke yes !!!


femme muscle said,

3-22-2008 in 13:41:02 at    

well,as for the “accident”, it happened before the end of the first segment of Star Wars. They used a body double for Luke with CP30 in the speeder looking for R2.

Even Mark Hamill said at first, that he just broke his nose in the accident. He also stated that the rumor that he thought was the best was when someone said he accidentally drove the car off a cliff.

None of them aged well..accept George Lucas, and CP30.


Alex said,

11-24-2008 in 00:13:45 at    

Way to destroy my childhood memories. Thanks a lot.


The Lurking Drue said,

12-2-2008 in 15:44:01 at    

The “today” picture of Alec Guinness is NOT Alec Guinness. I believe it is, in fact, Joss Ackland. Alec didn’t look much different than he did in Star Wars when he died in August 2000.


ChickenCow said,

2-7-2009 in 02:21:33 at    



Oliymaykill said,

2-11-2009 in 14:06:34 at    

My great uncle is david Prowse


WTWASP said,

2-19-2009 in 04:02:16 at    

ChickenCow, shut the fuck up, you insecure little turd. You have no imagination to appreciate the brilliance that is STAR WARS. You are probably little more than some corporate fat cat’s little peonesque whore, who sucks dick in exchange for his keep in this world. You’re probably just jealous of George Lucas’ success, all pissed off you didn’t think of it first. Suck it up, and drop dead, fag of all fags.



wbbigave said,

2-27-2009 in 00:06:13 at    

Heh, billy dee williams looks better now than he did. Men are like fine wine, they get better with age, except mark Hamil, he looks like a cats scrotum!


Anonymous said,

1-26-2010 in 05:01:04 at    

that black dude nxt 2 darth vader is old and sounds nothing like him


Brandon9271 said,

3-25-2010 in 09:20:16 at    

umm.. Both of those pictures of Billy D Williams(Lando) are recent. In fact, He looks older in the one on the left…


tatisita said,

4-2-2010 in 09:37:53 at    

mark hamil era muy lindo sobre todo cuando hizo el papel de luke skywalker pero ha cambiad demasiado ahora solo quedan los recuerdos!!!!!!!!!!!!! como quisiera que hubieran hecho star wars VII los qm….


john said,

4-7-2010 in 01:18:18 at    

Mark Hamill looks like Jabba now 😛


framptonion said,

7-17-2010 in 07:15:04 at    

mark hamill did get another job after the accident because last night i was watching “Jay and Silent bob strike back” and he was in it and a bad guy. the end of the movie was funny so if u wanna see mark working after star wars then go and watch that movie but they do swear alot in that movie


kiki said,

7-22-2010 in 14:24:11 at    

Why isint Yoda on here?:[


Lucille said,

8-20-2010 in 08:02:06 at    

John xD that’s so true


Anonymous said,

4-9-2011 in 11:23:41 at    

He looks like the emperor now

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