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Mody said,

9-3-2007 in 07:39:48 at    

Although I really do not like those who campaign for nature or animals (not that I am senseless, I just do not understand how you can spend money helping an animal while millions of people are suffering everywhere,) these ads are really nice.

I wish that creativity and the money were spent on helping people instead of animals though.


The Baldchemist said,

4-15-2008 in 01:37:14 at    

Ah Mody. Here is the major problem in the World. Never understanding the chain of events that cause disasters.
Greed and ignorance the main perpetrators.
There are more people in the World than food. The little food cultivation has now because its more economical to grow palm trees for bio fuels, has diminished. Rice the staple diet of 2.5 billion has decreasd by 50% in favour of bio fuel planatations. When people dont have food you get revolution, anarchy and survival becomes paramount at any cost.
Kill the foxes, bears,and crocs and the supply chain changes; rats become a plague. Natural predators that have kept a form of balance have been killed off and plague is rampant. Dengue fever, malaria are caused by stagnant water which encourages mosquitoes and other vermin.
The pictures are fabulous as an awakening; try to see the message. Don’t just look but see. Dont just hear but listen. The World has little chance without some serious sacrifice by us; and by a drastic reduction in the population.
I could write for ever on this subject but we are here to appraise the pictures. Thanks for that
The Baldchemist


Alex said,

11-23-2008 in 23:38:02 at    

@mody: And I don’t understand how people can complain about anyone trying to do good in the world, whether it be for animals OR people. Yes, people are starving, having wars, etc. and my heart goes out to them. But fact is, 99% of our problems today are self-inflicted. Everyone wants to talk about helping other people until they’re actually the ones called on to do it. It’s not just about donating money to an organization, it’s about getting your hands dirty and changing things yourself, one issue at a time. If that be helping animals, so be it. If that be helping people, so be it. Every little thing counts.

And your question could be asked of any organization or brand anywhere, “Why doesn’t (insert generic brand here) spend money on helping people instead of (insert generic activity here)?”
“Why doesn’t Toyota spend money on helping people instead of selling cars?”


jhoglen said,

2-13-2009 in 19:15:09 at    

those are funny


Animalvenger said,

8-15-2009 in 10:21:05 at    

Mody is one of those humans first, animals later I suppose. Its the same mentality of “we first, they later”, and then you can say “me first, rest later”. For me an animal and a human both deserve the same attention. Actually I would help any animal before Mody.


Modybones said,

8-15-2009 in 10:24:30 at    

Mody I cant understand why you are paying for an internet connection when you could be helping ppl with that money instead. Oh wait. You surf from work while steal time of your employer. That wasted effort should be going to helping ppl instead, don’t you think?. How many ppl do you help a day Mody? Oh right, you dont have millions, so taking care of yourself is enough bussiness, isnt it?. Same for those animals I suppose.


Halya said,

9-6-2009 in 10:02:36 at    

Я в восторге)Восхищаюсь вашим сайтом до глубины души!Так держать)


sally said,

9-1-2010 in 23:53:44 at    

hey mody without animals humans wouldnt even be here everything on earth is important is the circle of life humans couldnt survive without animals because nature is built that way u ignorant


pauperthemad said,

6-25-2012 in 02:42:03 at    

I think protecting animals would be a good another ecology revolution.

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